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Why Choose Biwam Consulting?

For an IT company like Biwam Consulting, the challenge is to explore and master the most advanced technologies to restore them as simply as possible to its customers.
The management team manages the company and the "Biwam Consulting" experts between ultra-technical skills and a sense of reality to keep their feet on the ground because the world is moving fast!

In a computer company, customer service is also, and above all, a core business. At Biwam Consulting the teams get up in the morning with the "desire to surprise their customer by the quality of their service". This mixture of emotions, surprises, and joys provoked by a gesture.


They use, to ensure their economic success, knowing that quality is a privileged means of increasing the company's performance (lower cost prices, Increase in market share).
Finally, We operate in different locations and we offer the best of smart Nearshore and the Quality and Efficiency of the Offshore.

Welcome to Biwam Consulting!

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